About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kuegeler is an ASHA certified SLP who lives in the Nürnberg area. She has committed herself to helping her clients and their families to break down the barricade of communication difficulties in their lives so that they can know the full power of communication. Elizabeth is a citizen of the United States of America, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and has lived in various areas including, Meadville, PA, St. Louis, MO, and Santa Cruz, CA. She was trained at Case Western Reserve University, a highly respected school for Speech-Language Pathology, and has experience working with a variety of clients and collaborating with other professionals. Elizabeth constantly seeks to stay abreast of recent literature and better her skills through continuing education offered in the field. Please see personal testimonies from parents of children who Elizabeth has treated and more details about her qualifications, experience and education below. Further recommendations and information are available on request.

Parent Accolades

At the age of four, my daughter's speech was barely intelligible.  It was frustrating for her and it was having a large impact on her social development and peer interactions.  For treatment we were referred to Elizabeth Kuegeler at the Pediatric Therapy Center in Aptos, California. 

Beth worked with my daughter in 1/2 hour sessions twice a week for six months. She assigned an array of fun exercises to practice at home which kept my daughter both interested and challenged throughout the duration of her treatment. What motivated my daughter mostly, however, was her desire to please Beth. As an instructor, Beth was always professional and focused, yet at the same time radiated a warmth and concern that my daughter really responded to.  As a result she worked very hard at whatever Beth asked of her. 

By the end of her treatment my daughter sounded like a new person. It was wonderful to hear her speak clearly and watch her blossom socially. It gave her such confidence to finally be understood. I am grateful for all that Beth was able to do for her.

It is not an easy task to demand such hard work of a four year old. I commend Beth for her knowledge and technique and thank her for her warmth. Based on our experience I would highly recommend Elizabeth Kuegeler's services as a speech pathologist.


Biret Adden

Beth Kuegeler worked as my son Daniel's speech and language specialist for approximately two years. Daniel is a 16-year old with Autism and is functionally nonverbal with a variety of associated challenging behaviors. Daniel uses primarily picture symbols (icons) and some sign language to communicate.... Beth immediately established a rapport with Daniel (not an easy thing to do) and used the combination of her training, her rapidly growing expertise in augmentative communication and her considerable intuition to move his communication forward. Beth worked with Daniel primarily at school and she demonstrated a superior ability to work as a part of the team, which included the teacher, instructional assistants and an Occupational therapist....my son has had a large number of speech and language specialists in his life and Beth was one of the best I have seen.


Mary McCann-Jenni

In the United States, Beth worked with our son who has Autism for sixteen months. She worked wonderfully with my son's ABA team and an SLP consultant from another state.  With Beth as part of the team, my son began to talk using a method called PROMPT.  Beth is trained in PROMPT and does an excellent job using PROMPT to elicit speech. Beth is honest, trustworthy, dedicated, and a great team player.  I would highly recommend Beth as an SLP.  She is greatly missed. -Anonymous

I first met Beth Kuegeler about 2 years ago when I had my then 3-year-old son evaluated. Beth is the one who did the evaluation. She spent about 2 hours with Bryce and I and carefully explained that Bryce was diagnosed with Oral Dyspraxia. Over a year's time with Beth, my child went from not forming any words to using small sentences.

Beth always kept me informed after every session on Bryce's progress. I was saddened when Beth told me she was moving to Germany. I truly believe it was Beth who got Bryce talking with her teaching methods. I would highly recommend Beth Kuegeler. Thank you.


Debra Martin



Elizabeth Kuegeler, MA CCC-SLP Speech-Language Services, Nürnberg, Germany
English As Foreign Language Teacher to adults. Services provided privately and through EuroSchulen Nürnberg,  MEL Spracheninstitute, and English Studio

Nuremberg International Children's Group (NICE)
English Teacher 4-year-old group

Pediatric Therapy Center,  Aptos,  CA
Speech-Language Clinical Coordinator, Speech-Language Pathologist, daily collaboration and co-treatment with Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Child Development specialists, Psychologists, ABA therapists, case workers, clinical social workers, teachers, and teachers. Clinical fellowship completed under Dr. Lou Larwood, EdD.
San José State University, San José, CA     
Department of Special Education Part-time Lecturer: Language Development Issues for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH     
Office of International Student Services
English as a Second Language; Accent Modification Tutor.

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, Cleveland, OH
Part-time Clinical Fellowship Speech-Language Pathologist
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,  OH    
Department of Communication Sciences  
Senior Research Assistant
Project Title: Communication Disorders after Traumatic Brain Injury,  Lyn S. Turkstra, Ph.D., lead researcher
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Graduate Student Intern  
Euclid City Schools: (Preschool, Elementary, Middle School,Multiple Handicap Classroom),
Rainbow Babies & Children Hospital/University Hospital
MetroHealth Medical Center Cleveland,OH: Brain Injury Unit
Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center (Pediatric speech-language therapy, PDD social skills groups, Speech-language diagnostics, Head start screening and assessment services
St. Louis Association for Retarded Citizens, St. Louis, MO    
Metrocentre Adult Day Care Center
Community Integrator, Instructor, Team Leader


Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; Master of Arts       
May 2000  Communication Disorders

Allegheny College, Meadville, PA; Bachelor of Arts
June 1995; Psychology major, German Minor; Magna Cum Lauda
Bay High School; Bay Village, OH; High School Diploma  
June 1991; National Honor Society

Continuing Education: