English as a Foreign Language (EFL) services

Elizabeth with an EFL class
Speech-Language Pathologists also offer services to those who do not have disorders, but would like to improve their communication skills, specifically when one wishes to increase his or her Standard American English pronunciation (Accent Modification).

Group or individual training is offered to improve articulation, intonation, and nonverbal communication skills.  Additionally, assistance with presentation style and other professional communication skills is offered.  Individual lessons and small groups allow the teacher and student(s) to identify specific goals of the individual and then work toward those goals in an intensive and focused environment.

Areas typically addressed in Accent modification and EFL include intonation, production of problematic vowels and consonants, and use of important individual vocabulary pronunciation. These goals are addressed briefly at the one word level and then quickly progress to phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

An evaluation is necessary in order to identify strengths and areas of concern and to set appropriate goals which guide the lesson objectives.

Services are also available for groups of younger children whose parents would like to introduce them to the English language. Small groups or pairs of English experiences (e.g. activities, circle time, games) can be provided. Please contact Elizabeth for more information and possibilities.

Tutoring is also available to those who are learning English in school. This can be offered on a short-term (to prepare for exams) or long-term basis. Please contact Elizabeth for individual inquiries.